The IoT Opportunity: Caterpillar

Tom Bucklar, Director of IoT at Caterpillar, is using IoT-enabled solutions to create more value for his customers. While an industrial organization, Caterpillar looks to partner with a variety of industries to gain more consumer insights and solve their customers’ challenges. In this interview, Tom tells Hot Topics about the biggest opportunities of today enabled by connected technologies. Since they began connecting their machinery to the internet in the 90s, Caterpillar has built one of the largest connected fleets in the market. By securely connecting their machinery, and harvesting and analyzing that data, Caterpillar is able to create real time solutions for their customers. They now have the power to make predictive, rather than reactive decisions. Caterpillar is more than a product company, they have been focusing on their software and analytics solutions over the past years to ensure they are creating the best digital experiences for their customers. Check out the video interviews with Tom to get the full picture on the IoT Opportunity Caterpillar is pursuing.


Video 1: Caterpillar’s Director of IoT on improving the value proposition for customers (full interview)

Video 2: Caterpillar’s Director of IoT on the value of having the largest connected fleet in the industry

Video 3: Caterpillar’s Director of IoT on helping customers go from reactive to predictive

Video 4: Caterpillar’s Director of IoT on how he uses data to build solutions for its customers