Living and Working in a New Reality

I think it’s safe to say that anyone reading this will have to agree that the last several days of work have been unprecedented for all of us. Whether we are in lockdown or shelter in place in San Francisco, New York City, London, or Milan, social distancing (not to be confused with conscious uncoupling) and work-life balance have taken on new meaning. Our ability to work remotely, often accompanied by small children, has changed greatly with the closure of public areas, movie theaters, malls, small businesses, and schools.  

And amidst all this, I began my journey with the incredible team at ForgeRock.  

If you’ve been around since the advent of cybersecurity or have read a history book or two, you know that ForgeRock’s team has some of the best brains in the field of digital identity. When combined with Rivest, Shamir, and Adlemen of days gone by, these are the folks that got us to where we are today in terms of large-scale authentication and authorization.   

And here we are now, in a new reality.

Instead of heading to my new bright, modern office in San Francisco, I am sitting at home, like millions of other remote workers across the US and the world. I am very familiar with being a remote employee, and I can say that my #1 headache as a remote employee was having the right access to the right thing when I needed it. I experienced a lot of frustration about the lack of a centralized tool that did it all, rather than one tool to manage my federated access online and another tool for on-premises identities. Keeping up with passwords is a nightmare for the user. Keeping up with multiple tools is a nightmare for the IT and security teams. It all spells resource contention and confusion.

Today, we also see unprecedented numbers of consumers using the Internet to buy products, and have them delivered so they don’t risk going to public areas. Those consumers have a choice as to where they can buy something. If they can’t get logged into ACME, they go to Amazon or Walmart. If they can’t reset their passwords, they will take their business elsewhere. What happens when doctors and patients need to have access to medical records without having access to the entire site? And when buying experiences are customized, no one wants to go back to have to start all over to customize their experience.

And this is why identity management still sits at the top of the prevention chain and Zero Trust models. We are experiencing the latest paradigm shift in our generation: remote work is no longer that perk you get in a Silicon Valley startup. It's the reality for us all. As businesses close and move to online, it's critical that the industry keeps up. The discussion around remote workers has gone round and round for years, and now it's a necessity.    

When I made the decision to join ForgeRock, there was a tremendous sense of pride knowing that I would be joining a company as it launches into the cloud with its Platform-as-a-Service offering. ForgeRock holds so much of the braintrust that has shaped identity and access management over the years. Now we intend to bring that same level of smarts to the cloud so that our customers can bring their innovations and products to the market faster and provide quicker time to value. And given where we are today, there is no better time or place to be as customers navigate this new era. Check our offerings and I hope you’ll agree ForgeRock is well positioned to help.