MultiCloud Deployment For Millions of Identities in Minutes

Announcing the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.5

Leading enterprise organizations are constantly seeking ways to increase their competitive advantage and improve productivity while reducing costs. In the world of digital identity management, this means speeding time-to-market, scaling to meet demand, reducing complexity, and unburdening resources. A recent trend to achieve all of the above includes leveraging a multicloud or hybrid-cloud environment. Benefits of a multicloud environment include increasing flexibility, availability, and scalability, speeding time-to-market, eliminating vendor lock-in, optimizing performance, improving reliability, and saving time and money. With such results, it’s no wonder that Gartner predicts that “by 2020, 75% of organizations will have deployed a multicloud or hybrid cloud model for their IT needs.”*

As the most visionary and future-minded digital identity management leader in the marketplace, ForgeRock has foreseen the multicloud trend and the benefits it provides. From this foresight, ForgeRock announces the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.5, the first digital identity management platform with the capability to be easily deployed in any cloud environment within minutes for millions of identities.

The main features of the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.5 release are that it:

  • Deploys on any cloud (including bring-your-own-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multicloud models) in minutes with preconfigured cloud installation packages of 1M, 10M, and 100M identities

  • Is cloud and DevOps ready

  • Includes developer friendly documentation

  • Contains a cost profiling reference guide on cloud vendor offerings and costs based on multiple factors

  • Supports FIDO web authentication

  • Includes delegated administration

These exciting 6.5 release features lead to tangible, bottom-line business results. A recent ForgeRock customer survey indicates that customers could save as much as 25% on implementation costs and increase ROI by 50% with these advancements. Let’s explore each.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage with FIDO Web Authentication Support, Delegated Administration, and MultiCloud Deployment for Millions of Identities in Minutes

The reality of most organizations is that they can’t meet demands fast enough. It doesn’t help that deployments for solutions are often lengthy, costly, and complex --- requiring lots of resource hours and resulting in a slow time-to-market.

As noted above, the full ForgeRock Identity Platform now deploys on any cloud (including bring-your-own-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multicloud deployment) in minutes with preconfigured cloud installation packages of 1M, 10M, and 100M identities. This means that you can:

  • Secure your workloads on any cloud at scale

  • Accelerate the deployment of multiple cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, RedHat OpenShift, and Microsoft Azure

  • Conduct a fast, simple, high availability (HA) deployment without sacrificing rich features and extensibility

  • Enable rapid solution development in a repeatable way

The business benefits of all of the above include accelerated time-to-market; increased flexibility, availability, and scalability; saved time and money; as well as eliminated vendor lock-in --- all contributing to increased competitive advantage.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.5 release also includes support for FIDO web authentication, as well as delegated administration, which further help increase your competitive advantage.

Most authentication solutions are unable to balance seamless, passwordless user experiences with strong security. To address this, you can now include FIDO web authentication within ForgeRock access management via two new authentication nodes. This capability leads to a more secure and friction-free authentication experience for your users.

In terms of delegated administration, most access management solutions are unable to parse administrative capabilities by role or function. Now with the ForgeRock 6.5 release, you can segregate admin duties according to role or function; let individuals within admin teams assist with customer requests (e.g. password reset); enforce a minimal level of access to apps, resources, and devices required by admins to perform their role; and support a least privilege security model. These capabilities lead to improved efficiency, customer support, and security.

Increase Productivity with DevOps and Documentation

Organizations face several challenges regarding over-burdened IT resource allocations. Additionally, and especially when it comes to digital identity management, organizations understandably face a lack of skilled resources. What's needed is (1) a way to speed and streamline the deployment, maintenance, and management of a comprehensive identity platform with the latest DevOps models and best practices, and (2) to fill the knowledge and skill-set gap with easy-to-use documentation.

Now, with ForgeRock 6.5, the entire ForgeRock Identity Platform is cloud and DevOps ready, allowing you to:

  • Build and maintain a production-grade, devops-enabled, referenceable, cloud ready architecture with Kubernetes

  • Automate multi-cloud deployments with supporting DevOps practices using Docker for containers and Kubernetes as the orchestration platform

To give you a sense of just how beneficial DevOps practices such as containerization are and how much developers are moving to use them, 451 Research predicts that the adoption of containerization will grow more than 250% from 2016 to 2020. This is for good reason. The ForgeRock 6.5 cloud and DevOps focused capabilities increase the speed of deployment and reduce the time you spend managing and configuring software, so you can focus on delivering other important business results.

As for filling the knowledge and skill-set gap, ForgeRock 6.5 includes developer friendly documentation. With this documentation, developers can easily access cloud deployment reference artifacts, deployment methodologies, reference architectures, and benchmark data --- making it easier to meet deadlines.

Reduce Costs With Cloud Vendor Cost Profiling Guidance

Reducing costs without sacrificing performance is a top priority for organizations. The ForgeRock 6.5 release helps you achieve this by including a cost profiling guide on cloud vendor offerings and costs --- taking the guesswork out of selecting cloud vendors that will meet your needs and the bottom-line. Additionally, with the guide you can validate deployments against ForgeRock benchmark results and analyze the most cost effective solution based on multiple deployments and configurations. At the end of the day, the ForgeRock cost profiling guide saves you both time and money --- reducing overall costs.

Find Out More & Give Us Your Thoughts

The ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.5 release features and benefits reflect our continued commitment to delivering the most simple yet comprehensive digital identity management platform on the market. To find out more and to watch our demo of multicloud deployment of millions of identities in minutes, visit us here.

We’d like to hear from you. What ForgeRock 6.5 features do you foresee helping you and your organization the most and why? Let us know.


*Gartner, Market Insight: Making Lots of Money in the New World of Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud, 7 September 2018