Raising the Bar on Identity Orchestration


ForgeRock introduces next-generation identity orchestration features to deliver superior digital identity experiences

ForgeRock announced today a major update to our industry leading identity orchestration capability, known as Intelligent Access Trees. This is a proud day for the ForgeRock team as we advance our vision around identity orchestration. Enterprises can now deliver great user experiences with much less effort. It's faster and easier for organizations to personalize customer and workforce journeys, deliver innovative experiences with no-code development, integrate identity into applications, and measure user engagement with the industry's first journey analytics dashboard.

Five New Capabilities Put Intelligent Access Trees in a Class of their Own

Our approach to identity orchestration is grounded in the belief that creating effortless digital experiences should be as natural as breathing. That's why it was natively built into our unified platform from the start. These 5 new capabilities help organizations take the user journey to the next level:

  1. Dynamic and Contextual User Journeys Make Personalization a Breeze

We've introduced the ability to enhance user journeys and make them "just right" for an individual without disrupting their experience or creating extra work for developers. It's easier than ever for organizations to change a person's user interface, language, and terms and conditions — or even offer a more accessible experience for someone with unique needs.

  1. No-Code Drag-and-Drop Nodes Support Broad Use Cases

Pre-built out-of-the-box nodes span a wide variety of use cases ranging from registration, social authentication, multi-factor authentication (MFA), A/B testing, and zero trust, to name a few. Plus, more than 150 additional third-party integrations are now available through the ForgeRock Trust Network. All of this adds up to faster out-of-the-box use case solutions, while reducing development and maintenance costs.

  1. Infusing AI Directly into the Journey

We've combined the best of Intelligent Access Trees and Autonomous Access. Our updated orchestration engine is infused with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered threat protection that can be leveraged with no-code drag-and-drop capabilities. By leveraging AI, organizations can optimize a journey to minimize friction and improve the user experience while protecting against account takeover and fraud. We are especially excited to share that we continue to focus on what's important: making it as easy as possible to use AI with the latest advanced enhancements.

  1. Measure User Engagement with Journey Analytics

The new journey analytics dashboard helps administrators measure and project trends for multiple parameters: total and engaged users, number of new sign-ups, and success and failure rates of individual user journeys across the identity lifecycle. These powerful analytics give organizations insights into how friction in user journeys affects the user experience.

  1. Managing Journeys at Scale

Organizations often house large libraries of journeys that are difficult and costly to manage. To lighten the burden, we've added features for testing and debugging, tagging, organizing, and searching journeys. These features vastly simplify processes for developers, and are particularly helpful when journeys are connected to a specific region, brand, or customer segment.

Natively Built Into Our Unified Platform

Our vision came into being with our 2018 release of Intelligent Access, a first-of-its-kind no-code/low-code identity orchestration capability that allows organizations to quickly and easily define personalized and secure user journeys across the identity lifecycle. Intelligent Access enables organizations to finely orchestrate every aspect of the user journey — from registration to password and profile self-service, to authentication and ongoing authorization. Because all these features are now native to our unified platform, organizations reap these benefits:

  • Reduced complexity: Development and administration from a single pane of glass means configuration of end-to-end flows does not require integration of disparate, bolted-on products which are administered separately.
  • Simpler, less risky policy creation: Policies for registration, authentication, and authorization are configured in one place to avoid inevitable "drift" that arises when security is configured in unintegrated systems.
  • Flexible user journey design: Context can be injected at exactly the proper point in the user journey, if needed. The user journey can dynamically respond to context and then adjust for less friction or more friction, in line with requirements.
  • Easier, faster updates and changes: Our SDKs are fully integrated and automatically reflect any changes to user journeys without the need to republish applications. Adding new MFA flow to journeys? No problem. There's no need for re-integration.
  • Minimized risk: Execution takes place inside the same runtime as the rest of our platform. This means all of the security, controls, service uptime, and performance characteristics are also unified. Organizations can take comfort in knowing that our proprietary, patented cloud security architecture with full tenant isolation applies to all of our products equally, with nothing bolted on that could expose the organization to increased risk.
  • Streamlined management and operations: Built-in orchestration means there is only one product to manage from an operational and SLA perspective. Furthermore, it's available across the platform, whether you use our cloud service, self-managed software, or you're operating a hybrid environment. Troubleshooting and diagnosing issues does not require stitching together complex logs from different systems without the ability to trace transactions end to end.

Native, built-in orchestration is a smart choice. Organizations benefit from lower risk and tremendous cost savings in development and ongoing operations and maintenance.

We're looking forward to seeing what our customers do with these new capabilities.

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Want to understand how it all works? Visit: https://www.forgerock.com/de/platform/intelligent-access/orchestration/capabilities

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