The Science and Art of Designing the Login Journey

Goldilocks may well have ended up an expert in Intelligent Authentication because she was onto something about that bowl of porridge: not too hot, not too cold, but rather just right. The Goldilocks principle, when applied to customer experience, helps determine the acceptable amount, type and detail of friction in a user login journey.

In the latest video in our Intelligent Authentication series, we cover how access to that data helps provide that “just right” experience for your customers.




Everyone strives to deliver a positive online experience - but how do you quantify what makes a customer happy? Too often, we measure it by asking the opposite question: what makes the customer unhappy? For example, we measure the abandonment rate. However, that alone won't show your developer team how to improve customer experience. It’s one thing to know a customer has left; it’s quite another to understand why.

Why the user login journey matters

Because customer journeys begin with authentication, the design of your authentication flows can make all the difference. A lack of relevance or too much friction can quickly frustrate your customers, preventing them from engaging or buying your product.

Does the login journey result in increased abandoned shopping carts? How many of your customers use an iPhone versus an Android to login, regionally and globally? Would a shorter login journey mean fewer help desk calls? In order to answer these types of questions, you need actionable data from your authentication flow. That data provides the context needed to improve your customers' experience.

With ForgeRock Intelligent Authentication, you can gain that necessary data-driven insight. User Login Analytics show which devices and browsers people are using, the location and length of their log-in, and more. That data can then inform downstream applications, enabling you to deliver more relevant content to your customers on a global scale.

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