The State of Connecticut Ushers in a Digital Era that Eases Access to Critical Services for Residents and Businesses

In 2018, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont determined that Connecticut would become an "all digital" government. Today, the governor and his team are making that promise a reality.

The state is moving all of its services online, and identity is central to achieving this goal. Identity, specifically CIAM, is helping make accessing services like unemployment benefits or renewing a driver’s licence easier than ever before. By streamlining and digitizing the processes associated with these traditionally paper-based in-person tasks, Connecticut can deliver these services quickly, easily and securely so the state’s citizens can spend more time doing the things they love.

"People are used to doing everything they want to do in their pajamas, on their sofa, on their laptop," said Josh Geballe, Chief Information Officer and Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services for the State of Connecticut. "We've been moving services online that previously required someone to go to one of our offices and wait in line, such as renewing your driver's license or being able to apply to key benefits programs. We're making it easier for citizens to access services they need so they can go about enjoying their lives."

The state is delivering similar efficiencies for businesses with – an online, one-stop-shop where entrepreneurs can find essential information required to start up or manage their business. As part of the Governor's effort to make Connecticut more "business-friendly," the new website will also help stimulate growth for the state by making it easier for Connecticut businesses to operate.

An additional benefit of the state's digital transformation, according to Geballe, are the efficiencies they will gain: "When people are conducting transactions online, that requires less effort for us. And that's also helping reduce our cost structure, errors, and friction in our transactional processes to make the government more streamlined and cost efficient."

What's next?

Connecticut will continue to migrate physical services into the digital world until all government services are accessible online. The state will also continue to roll out innovative new services and websites to help grow the economy and enrich the lives of their citizens.

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