What Are ForgeRock Customers Saying?

Customers and users of a product know best. They have the experience and honest opinions about the products that they are implementing in their projects. Here are some examples of what people from the extended ForgeRock community are saying:

“ForgeRock gives us better visibility on identity in the organization.”
Application Manager, Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/04F-BA5-C24

“The software is so flexible and so perfectly fits with our model of doing business that we were able to put out a production-ready system in 5 months.”

“Our mobile users had a really bad login experience...We were able to write them a secure way of logging in and out so they don’t need to go to their username and password all the time. That one project alone led to a huge improvement in customer satisfaction.”
Kristin Ellis, IT Manager, GEICO Insurance Company
Source: https://vimeo.com/129718370

“Instead of a fixed black-box legacy application we now have an open-source extensible solution. Centralized identity management has prepared us for future business initiatives (including mobile).”

Paul Saraber, Enterprise Architect, Portbase BV
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/14D-3AB-2FD

“OpenDJ is and had been rock solid!”
Patrick Stromberg, Architect, Pharmacy Systems and Automation, McKesson
Source: http://www.slideshare.net/ForgeRock/mckesson-case-study-pharmacy-systems-automation

“Scale matters. When we started this technology at Sun, we were focused on and selling to the big time carriers. So everything had to be carrier-scale. [...] A very unique DNA for the technology at ForgeRock”

Scott McNealy, Co-Founder and former CEO Sun Microsystems, CEO Wayin
Source: https://vimeo.com/123222073

“ForgeRock enabled form-fitting of a complete identity solution in a matter of a month due to the flexibility.”
Senior IT Architect, Computer Services Company
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/B2F-0C9-5E1

“Toolsets such as ForgeRock help manage contextual moments of personas, over time, so that data collected about users can be shared contextually and ethically, for the entire lifespan of that data.”
Michelle Finneran Dennedy, vice president and chief privacy officer at Intel Security, and adjunct faculty instructor at INI at Carnegie Mellon University
Source: https://youtu.be/msQqj5GT0-k

“We had to look outside to find a system that could consolidate all those systems [100+] into one single platform”

“Ultimately, we want to move every single identity and authentication service that we have onto our new platform based on ForgeRock”
Jeff Bagby, VP of Collaboration, Thomson Reuters
Source: https://youtu.be/houJBKfbW-8

“ForgeRock allows us to quickly and economically implement a scalable authentication platform that will meet our changing needs for the next several years.”
IT Manager, Insurance Company
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/8F9-E92-F9F

“ForgeRock allowed us to consolidate onto a single platform, which supported both our legacy applications and new emerging applications.”
Engineer, Telecommunications Services Company
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/D8A-C4E-537

“Open Source is more secure than proprietary software”.
Scott McNealy, Co-Founder and former CEO Sun Microsystems, CEO Wayin
Source: https://vimeo.com/123222073

“ForgeRock is a single product that gives all our customers access, including integration with digital.”
Senior IT Architect, Financial Services Company
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/7CD-EC6-127

“Because of ForgeRock we were able to capture a better view of services that a client has by integrating authentication of services together.”
Engineer, Telecommunications Services Company
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/C5B-E5D-3A2

“The fact that OpenAM is open source means that organizations can make changes as needed. We aren’t required to wait for a vendor to add functionality we need. It also allows for the community to dig deep into bugs.

I recommend Forge Rock, as a company, because I feel the company is focused on the product. Many of the biggest names in technology are so big and bloated that they have no incentive and no drive to truly innovate. That makes for stale software and services. Forge Rock is committed to the product and not just their revenue.”
Engineer, Non Profit
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/490-63F-B1F

“ForgeRock helped us achieve in 5 months what we failed to do in 2 years with a competitor product.”
Engineer, Non Profit
Source: http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/484-7E2-FC8