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Welcome To a New Era of AI-Driven IAM

Delivering ForgeRock's AI Vision


Delivering ForgeRock's AI Vision

Smarter Digital Identity and Access Management, End-to-End

Proliferating identities, data, and cybercrime are overwhelming traditional IAM systems that rely on static data and manual processes. These inflexible systems create operational blindspots, lackluster experiences, and security loopholes.

Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to the entire digital identity lifecycle to stay ahead of the game.

The ForgeRock 360 AI Vision

The Benefits of AI and ML in Digital Identity

Modernize IAM with AI to become infinitely smarter, faster, and better at your business.

Accelerate Zero Trust

Apply AI to authentication and authorization. Remediate access blind spots organization-wide. Combine AI, ML, and heuristics to analyze threats and behavior patterns in real time.

Improve Consumer and Workforce Experiences

Remove unnecessary friction and maintain continuous, contextual security. Onboard your workforce users faster and give them the right level of access.

Maximize Existing Investments

Get more from your investments: Integrate with existing identity, security, and governance ecosystems. Evaluate and take action on third-party data and signals.

Reduce Human Errors, Workloads, and Costs

Eliminate manual processes, tasks, and their resulting errors. Automate identity governance use cases. Use no-code orchestration to apply AI-driven threat detection to user journeys.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity

Autonomous Identity uses AI and ML to collect and analyze identity data to identify access security risks and blind spots. It complements existing identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions to analyze, recommend, and automate the remediation of user access privileges.

  • Reduce Costs and Risk Exposure
  • Boost Operational Efficiency
  • Accelerate Role Optimization

ForgeRock Autonomous Access

Autonomous Access uses the power of AI, ML, and advanced pattern recognition to prevent cyberattacks and detect fraud in real time, while enabling smarter access decisions to enhance the experience of legitimate users.

  • Boost Fraud Prevention
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Drive Smarter Access Decisions

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