Digidentity is a progressive and innovative Identity Provider, founded in the Netherlands in 2008. We are certified against EU Regulation and a Qualified Trust Services Provider (QTSP) as defined in eIDAS. We offer organizations and governments a full-service identity and signing platform, completely adaptable to existing processes and systems.

Our range of scalable and configurable services is developed to support businesses with the highest security level. Digidentity's unique remote onboarding and easy-to-use technology, based on selfies, allows users to create a permanent and reusable identity without fuss in minutes. With this digital identity, users can access assigned data sources and use qualified electronic signatures (QES) to sign documents that are legally binding in both the EU and the UK.

Digidentity's services are cloud-based and built with globally accepted technology, it smoothly integrates into your own applications and is widely used for KYC and AML.

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