Socure is the leader in high-assurance digital identity verification. Socure created Aida, a patented identity verification bot, which utilizes artificial intelligence to create a true holistic model of customer identity. Aida continuously sources live digital data, correlates thousands of data points online and offline, and then uses the power of machine learning to create a holistic, accurate customer identity model.  Aida can verify who’s behind the screen in less than one second.

The Aida platform automates the entire identity verification lifecycle from onboarding to decision, producing outcomes that are four times more accurate than the closest competitor in the marketplace. By calculating risk and correlation scores, the Aida platform empowers businesses to dramatically increase online transaction acceptance rates, as well as reduce manual reviews and fraud.

The company was founded in 2012 by experts in data science and identity and is currently deployed in leading banks, e-commerce websites, and rapidly expanding to other industries.

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