I speak; therefore, I am!

Let your users speak for a few seconds to authenticate simply, quickly, and safely.

Whispeak provides a voice biometric solution to easily add a biometric factor to the authentication process.

Tedious introductions on call centres are over, as are weakly secured logins, locked with a simple password, always the same, always forgotten: with vocal biometrics, no more need to choose between security and simplicity!

Whispeak solution is an API available on SaaS, on-premise or fully embedded with:

  • Accurate speaker recognition engines, based on AI,
  • A scalable and administrable execution platform based on an up-to-date technologic stack,
  • An administration interface to easily configure multiple vocal applications and manage them.

Respectful by design of regulatory recommendation on biometrics data handling, Whispeak solution fits multiple uses cases (micros are everywhere!): login, transaction multifactor validation, call centre authentication, access control for buildings or devices, presence certification…

With Whispeak, let the voice of your user be heard!

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