IAM For The Hybrid Enterprise

Current Challenges And Strategies For Global Security Professionals

Hybrid IAM Addresses Security and Experience Issues Caused by Hybrid IT

Organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud for cost savings, but they have many business critical applications that are running on-premises. Managing IT and identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure both on premises and in the cloud results in complexities, such as large amounts of identity data that lead to migration and integration issues. The result? Security, user experience, and innovation are compromised.

So, what can be done to address these concerns while maximizing your investments in cloud and on premises?

Forrester Consulting conducted a new study on behalf of ForgeRock and Google Cloud to understand these challenges and how global decision makers across different industries are trying to solve them. The conclusion? Hybrid IAM.

Forrester Consulting’s study reveals:

  • Over 300 global IT leaders input on their future plans for IAM adoption.
  • Insights on cloud IAM initiatives, including the challenges most organizations face.
  • Strategies for successful cloud IAM adoption.
  • Operational, security, and user experience benefits of a hybrid IAM model.

Get the full findings and analysis by downloading IAM for the Hybrid Enterprise: Current challenges and strategies for global security professionals today.

*Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Hybrid Enterprise is a commissioned research study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ForgeRock.