KuppingerCole Leadership Compass, Identity Fabrics, 2021

ForgeRock Named a Leading IAM Vendor

Digital Transformation Starts with Transforming IAM

Modern digital business models are complex, distributed, multidimensional and involve many parties in a variety of roles. This has a direct impact on how communication takes place, how people work together, and how services and goods are created and delivered to customers. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is essential in securing and enabling these experiences but legacy infrastructure meets only a fraction of requirements needed to stay competitive. Instead, digital leaders must shift their focus to a modern Identity Fabric that orchestrates a scalable, comprehensive set of connected identity services for employees, partners, consumers and things.

This report examines:

  • Why legacy IAM infrastructure falls short in meeting today's digital demands
  • How to elevate IAM strategies and enable digital transformation
  • Leading IAM offerings in the market including ForgeRock, IBM, and Okta

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