Comparing Digital Identity Management Platforms for CIAM Within the Healthcare Payer Industry

A Workbook and Guide

How do you choose the digital identity platform that is right for your healthcare payer organization?

As the customer identity and access management decision maker in your healthcare payer/insurance company, you already know that the healthcare industry has unique identity needs. Healthcare payer business leaders must carefully evaluate providers to meet requirements, provide customer experiences, and improve security.

How this workbook and guide will help healthcare payer CIAM decision makers:

Use this guide to:

  • understand current healthcare payer industry trends
  • learn critical, healthcare-specific RFP questions to ask providers
  • gain context for why each RFP question is important to ask
  • capture RFP answers for each provider for true comparison

Download this detailed and instructive workbook now.

In the healthcare provider industry rather than the healthcare payer industry? Download the workbook and guide you need here.