Comparing Digital Identity Management Providers for CIAM Within The Telecommunications and Media Industry

A Workbook and Guide

How do you choose the digital identity platform that is right for your communications services organization?

As the customer identity and access management (CIAM) decision maker in your company, you already know that communications service providers (CSPs) have unique industry-specific identity management needs. Due to the massive changes in the industry, CSPs now must offer more than telecommunications and network products. Telecommunications companies have an opportunity to grow revenue by offering lifestyle services for consumers and enterprise services for businesses. Choosing the right digital identity provider is the key, but how?

How this workbook and guide will help communication service provider CIAM decision makers:

Use this guide to:

  • understand current communications services trends
  • learn critical, communication services-specific RFP questions to ask digital identity management providers
  • capture RFP answers for each CIAM provider for a true comparison

Download this detailed and instructive guide now.