Best Practices for Healthcare Call Center Identity Security

Defend Against Healthcare Fraud While Improving Customer and Workforce Experiences

Internal actors are the second highest cause of healthcare breaches. This is due to human error, misuse of system access, and unwittingly disclosing customer PII or credentials to fraudsters during interactions with the front desk, help desk, or call center.

Traditional healthcare call center customer authentication experiences are equally concerning. They often require that customers repeat weak credentials several ways at multiple points within their journey – a frustrating experience that doesn't foster loyalty or repeat business.

Read Best Practices for Healthcare Call Center Identity Security to learn:

  • The healthcare call center risk landscape
  • The top security vulnerabilities for healthcare contact centers
  • How digital identity capabilities improve call center security and experiences
  • Why a Forrester® TEI study of ForgeRock ROI includes a 40% reduction in security-related calls to the call center, and $4.7 million in fraud reduction savings

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