Identity Cloud

The most comprehensive identity platform delivered as a service (IDaaS) in a secure architecture with a single dashboard view of all user types.

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Our Identity Platform as a Service (IDaaS)

Today’s trends and user demands require comprehensive, highly available identity and access management platforms to connect the right information or service at the right time and place. With the ForgeRock Identity Platform delivered as a service (IDaaS), you can speed time to market and save precious IT resource time. ForgeRock Identity Cloud helps you engage with your consumers, workforce, and things in a frictionless, personal, and easy way while protecting, securing, and ensuring that privacy and regulatory requirements are addressed.

Say Goodbye to Passwords and Username

ForgeRock Identity Cloud (IDaaS) lets you access the future by enabling passwordless authentication. This is accomplished by utilizing the latest in WebAuthn standards to allow your consumers, workforce, and partners to log in to all your backend systems without ever using a password or re-entering a username.

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Authorize Anyone, Anything

Take Zero Trust to the next level. With Identity Cloud (IDaaS), ForgeRock implements Macaroons, CIBA (client-initiated back-channel authentication), and other modern identity standards to provide a more holistic view of your customers, no matter what device they are using. These latest features bring additional security to continuously authorize that a user is who they say they are and that no one is impersonating them via contextual authorization.

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Balance Security and Convenience

With Identity Cloud (IDaaS), you can leverage all the features of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, such as graphically creating dynamic and personalized authentication and registration flows with Intelligent Authentication. Additionally, you can A/B test authentication flows to determine what flows provide your users with the best experiences.

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ForgeRock Identity Cloud Security

Your data in the cloud is protected with the industry's best practices.


ForgeRock Identity Cloud

Learn how a comprehensive identity-as-a-service solution can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Ready For A Cloud-Centric Approach to Digital Identity?

Digital identity today is much more complex than it was in the past. Just authenticating against username and password is no longer enough.

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