Digital Identity


Yep, even this thing.


The History of Identity 

Take a walk down digital identity lane. From employees, to customers, and now the internet of things (IoT), identity is the center of everything. 

With ForgeRock, you can protect, connect, and manage the digital identities of people, devices, and the IoT. We help large organizations secure the identity of anything, build trusted, personalized relationships with their customers, and provide a seamless omnichannel experience.


The Three Pillars of Digital Identity

We conducted a survey to gauge consumer awareness of digital identity. How do trust, consent, and knowledge come into play?


Guide to CIAM

The Guide to Trusted Digital Relationships with Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Analyst Report

Gartner: Buyer's Guide for IAM Solutions

Download this report to learn the five-step approach to structuring your evaluation process and negotiating the best price for your IAM solution

Customer Story

BBC Success Story

The BBC transforms its relationship with its global audience and delivers a streamlined, personalized customer experience across channels

Smart City - The Connected World

Try to picture the internet of things. Today, it's made up of a series of isolated islands. Devices and services don't connect, so users are left in the dark. Leading organizations choose ForgeRock to provide digital identity for the internet of things (IoT), whenever and wherever they need to connect users, devices, and things. For a Smart City, Connected World, there is one common force behind modern convenience, safety, and efficiency: Identity. 


Connected World: Smart City

Customer Identity

Building lifelong relationships with your customers is only possible when you know who they are. The ForgeRock Identity Platform helps leading digital businesses to create a single customer profile company-wide.

Customer Identity Solutions

Employee IAM

With employee access management, including single sign-on from the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can rely on real-time, contextual, and consistent security to protect even the most carefree employee.

Employee IAM Solutions

Comply With Global Privacy Regulations

Business leaders face tough choices every day. Starting in May 2018, organizations that hold or process the personal information of EU citizens are subject to the impact of the new Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It's time to devise a privacy and consent strategy that treats consumer-controlled data sharing across cloud, mobile, and IoT sources as a business imperative and shifts innovation toward consumer trust.

Learn More About GDPR
Digital Identity

An Identity Platform Built with the IoT, CIAM, and You in Mind

Customer Identity


Millions of customers use your digital services--whether cloud, mobile, or IoT. Protect their digital identities and consolidate customer information, so it's easy to create and personalize the customer experience. 


Their Things...

Cars, drones, street lights, gas pumps, wearables, medical devices...they all have a digital identity. With ForgeRock, you establish who these devices belong to, and decide how and with whom (or what) they interact. 


Their Choice.

Protect and respect privacy. With ForgeRock, you can let your customers share data selectively. Ask them what’s okay to share, how, when, and with whom. Put them in charge, and they’ll put their trust in you.

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