Digital Identity and Access Management Platform


Identity and Access Management (IAM) Designed for the Digital World 

Securely Connect People, Devices, and Things.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform was developed to integrate with any of your digital services. More than legacy customer identity management, we designed the platform for the needs of IoT. With ForgeRock, you get the feeling it was all built to work together, because it was.

Securely connect people, devices, and things, so everyone and everything can interact in today’s IoT world. With billions of devices coming online every year, you need a flexible platform that scales.

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Product Brief

A Platform built for everything

Legacy IAM wasn't designed for today's digital demands. Find out how the ForgeRock Identity Platform is different


Seamlessly manage identity relationships across all channels, on-premises, in the cloud, and on mobile.

The world’s only all-in-one access management solution with the adaptive intelligence to continuously protect against risk-based threats and drive personalization across people, services, and things. 

Close the IoT security gap and build trusted identity relationships with a secure solution that includes contextual security, open standards, and scales to meet IoT-level demands.

An identity integration gateway for web applications, APIs, and microservices.

A lightweight, embeddable directory that can easily share real-time customer, device, and user identity data across enterprise, cloud, social, and mobile environments.

A centralized dashboard for your customers to conveniently manage their profile and privacy preferences while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Analyst Report


Adaptive authentication is a key way to increase security for IAM. Learn why ForgeRock was named an Innovation leader in this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for our efforts in delivering cutting-edge adaptive authentication features


Evaluating Digital Identity Providers for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)


An Identity Platform Built with the IoT, CIAM, and You in Mind

Digital Identity


Millions of customers use your digital services--whether cloud, mobile, or IoT. Protect their digital identities and consolidate customer information, so it's easy to create and personalize the customer experience. 


Their Things...

Cars, drones, street lights, gas pumps, wearables, medical devices... they all have a digital identity. With ForgeRock, you establish who these devices belong to, and decide how and with whom (or what) they interact.


Their Choice.

Protect and respect privacy. With ForgeRock, you can let your customers share data selectively. Ask them what’s okay to share, how, when, and with whom. Put them in charge, and they’ll put their trust in you.

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