Customer Identity and Access Management


The What, Why, and How for Selecting the Best CIAM Provider

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Leverage CIAM To Unlock The Power Of AI And IoT

Ensuring customer privacy is more than a business priority – it’s an opportunity for competitive differentiation

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The Future of IAM

Leverage IAM to engage with customers and protect them throughout their journey

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Pearson, the world's largest education company, is delivering a personalized experience for users no matter where or how they learn

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How To Build Customer Loyalty

How To Build Customer Loyalty With A CIAM Solution That Gives Customers Control Over Their Data

Customer Trust Depends on How You Manage Their Identity 

There are more ways for your customers to interact with you, your products and services than ever. This is where customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions come in. Customer Identity enables you to securely identify, protect and respect the preferences of each customer on whatever device, app, or service they’re using.

Build lifelong relationships with your customers by earning and keeping their trust. ForgeRock's CIAM solutions are designed to strike a balance between strong security and seamless products and services access. Our modern authentication methods automatically scale to help improve customer satisfaction, while increasing customer retention.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform helps leading digital businesses create a single customer profile company-wide. Now everyone in every department can provide authentic, personalized customer service.

The Three Pillars of Digital Identity:
Trust, Consent, Knowledge

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Beyond Passwords: Push Authentication

You’re Customers Are Going to Love the Way They Log In

As malicious hacks and attacks increase in frequency and severity, it’s critical for organizations to amp up the security they provide their customers without impacting user experience. Therefore, customer identity and access management (CIAM) is essential for B2C digital transformation.

But finding the right CIAM solution for your unique business needs can be an arduous journey. Creating value through your CIAM architecture means bridging the gaps between the growing number of business applications, APIs, and microservices. It also means implementing a customer authentication experience built around the customer journey.

Easier said than done, right?

It’s no secret that each business unit and department often maintains their own applications, which despite the best of intentions, are often counterproductive to the larger digital transformation project. The larger the organization, the more this has the potential to snowball into a serious enterprise application architecture nightmare. 

So what’s the best CIAM architecture for your business?

Customer Identity in Retail

Retail leaders are taking advantage of the internet of things (IoT) to improve their customer experiences. Customer identity and access management is critical to provide a seamless and secure shopping experience. See why major retailers trust ForgeRock.

Retail Customer Solutions

A New Day in Banking

Give your customers a single identity to access their account data and third-party services, creating a seamless, secure, and personalized user experience that builds banking loyalty. Banks and customers alike can rely on strong authentication with real-time, responsive, situational risk assessments to protect confidential data. Choose a modern identity platform that can help you with Open Banking and PSD2 requirements around privacy and consent.

Financial Services Solutions

Customer Identity in the Connected Car

Accelerate connected car innovation with digital identity. Owners and approved drivers can securely manage a vehicle’s settings online to adjust driver preferences, vehicle performance settings, or get diagnostics and service alerts.

Connected Car IoT Customer Access Solutions

An Identity Platform Built with the IoT, CIAM, and You in Mind


Your Customers...

Millions of customers use your digital services--whether cloud, mobile, or IoT. We protect their digital identities and consolidate customer info so it's easy to create a personalized customer experience.


Getting Personal Means Getting Private

If you fail to respect customer data privacy, it’s lights out. Your customers trust you. Keep it that way with privacy tools and solutions fit for the new digital economy.


Walls come tumbling down

The ForgeRock Identity Platform provides continuous security not just at login, but throughout a digital session and can respond to threats in context, asking for additional identity verification.

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