It’s Time to Conquer the New Digital Normal



$2 Trillion

Worldwide annual spend on digital transformation



Outperformance over laggards by offering exceptional experiences


$42 Billion

The total of losses caused by fraud since 2018

Get Ahead of Requirements. Exceed Expectations

Innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences while ensuring security, privacy, and compliance are musts.

Don't just address these requirements ​​– get ahead of them with ForgeRock's acclaimed customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution. With ForgeRock, you can quickly modernize, improve, and scale CIAM to deliver customer experiences and security that go beyond expectations and drive revenue.

  • Implement futureproof capabilities
  • Modernize the digital customer journey
  • Drive revenue and innovation

How to Evaluate CIAM Providers by Use Case


Do Better Business with ForgeRock CIAM


With CIAM solutions from ForgeRock, you can acquire customers faster, deliver great experiences, and protect your customers and organization.


ForgeRock enables you to deliver exceptional digital experiences without compromising security, privacy, or compliance. Leverage ForgeRock’s continuous innovation to bring new value to your existing solutions while futureproofing your organization. Address all your digital identity and access management needs with one comprehensive platform.

Acquire Customers Faster

When registration processes are complicated, frustrated customers take their business elsewhere. In fact, 46% of customers will abandon difficult account registration processes.

ForgeRock helps you acquire customers faster with capabilities such as user self-service, social registration, and progressive profiling. The result? Accelerated conversion rates, greater retention rates, and higher customer loyalty.

Calculate Self-Service and Registration Savings


Deliver Great Experiences

72% of customers say account lockout is worse than a toilet paper shortage. Poor customer experiences result in lost opportunity and revenue to competitors.

With ForgeRock, you can deliver great experiences with self-service for password management and multiple options for authentication and privacy and consent. This leads to higher omnichannel revenue, lower customer churn, and greater long-term profitability.

How to Create Frictionless User Journeys


Protect Your Customers

Manual processes, weak compliance controls, and outdated security may lead to fraud, data breaches, and costly fines. In fact, one large U.K. organization was fined £20 million over a data breach.

With secure access experiences, identity-driven fraud mitigation, privacy and consent mechanisms and compliance, and more, ForgeRock helps you protect both your customers and your organization.

Learn About ForgeRock Zero Trust

Modernize Your Digital Customer Journey

To succeed in today’s digital landscape, you need to quickly acquire and retain customers while driving revenue, loyalty and trust throughout the customer journey.

ForgeRock enables you to quickly modernize legacy systems with future-proof CIAM capabilities. With ForgeRock, you can ensure a secure and seamless customer journey.

How to Modernize Customer Journeys

Deliver Exceptional Experiences and Security

Accelerating innovative customer experiences can't come at the expense of security and compliance. With Forgerock, you can deliver exceptional, personalized experiences while keeping identities secure and meeting privacy and compliance requirements at any scale.

  • Tie identities (people and things) and services together into a single user profile
  • Use real-time data and situational context to personalize and protect experiences
  • Design different authentication journeys for varying security and risk profiles
  • Secure interactions across users, devices, IoT, APIs, applications, services, and integrations
  • Achieve Zero Trust security for people, services, and things

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