ForgeRock Workforce Identity and Access Management

Empower an efficient workforce, protect the organization, and achieve regulatory compliance with ForgeRock.

Solution Brief

It's Time to Conquer the New Digital Normal



$91 Trillion

Worldwide annual spend on digital transformation



Outperformance over laggards by offering better user experiences

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Organizations planning to spend more on regulatory compliance

Modernize IT to Deliver Business Agility

ForgeRock helps organizations do business better by significantly improving and scaling workforce identity, governance, and access management with the industry's only full-suite, AI-driven platform purpose-built for all identities and use cases (employees, contractors, partners, things). With ForgeRock, you can utilize the latest digital identity technologies to support your unique initiatives and meet not only today's requirements, but also tomorrow's.


Empower an Efficient Workforce

50% of employees are dissatisfied with workplace tech due to poor workforce connectivity and high friction self-service that results in lost productivity and high IT costs.

With ForgeRock, you can empower an efficient workforce with single sign on (SSO), password management self service, and usernameless and passwordless authentication. The result is productivity from anywhere, seamless access experiences, and reduced IT costs.


Protect Your Organization

Unauthorized access, including rouge bots, is on the rise. Sadly, 80% of breaches involve stolen credentials. This, along with poor audit controls, leads to increased breach expenses, fines, and a damaged reputation.

With ForgeRock's commitment to no-compromise security, you can protect your organization by easily safeguarding your data, implementing the latest security technologies, and supporting a Zero Trust security model.


Speed Legacy Modernization

Aging technology and high-cost point solutions is a time and cost burden for most organizations. In fact, more than 60% of IT budget is spent on maintaining legacy systems rather than innovation and other high priorities.

ForgeRock helps speed legacy modernization with modernize accelerators and an identity gateway, so you can modernize without disruption, automate seamless migrations, and comfortably sunset legacy systems.


Accelerate Secure Access

Fast, secure workforce access is no longer a nice-to-have. Poor remote access, manual password reset, and excessive permissions lead to lower productivity, higher IT helpdesk costs, and data breaches.

With ForgeRock, you can accelerate secure access. With capabilities such as intelligent access and identity governance and administration, you can secure your remote workforce, enable higher employee productivity, and lower helpdesk calls.


Mitigate Risks and Reduce Costs

Operational inefficiencies such as certification rubberstamping and manual provisioning and de-provisioning processes result in lost productivity, wasted time and money, and overpaying for unused accounts.

ForgeRock helps mitigate risks and reduce costs by automating manual processes and identifying often-missed details with AI and ML, so you can gain security insights and higher confidence user access while reducing operational costs.


Achieve Regulatory Compliance

When it comes to regulatory compliance, organizations still rely heavily on manual processes. Sadly, this causes  weak compliance controls, failed compliance audits, and financial penalties.

ForgeRock can help you achieve regulatory compliance. Using identity management, identity governance, and autonomous identity, you can achieve higher audit pass rates, stronger compliance controls, and shorter review cycles.


Modernize with Comprehensive, Future-Built Access Management

In the face of increased risk and fraud, organizations are challenged with how to modernize their IT to support the growing needs of their internal workforce. The combination of legacy and point solutions results in poor workforce experiences, such as inconsistent or slow onboarding, and needing a multitude of usernames and passwords to access diverse workforce applications and systems. Yet, it’s difficult to integrate legacy systems with new platforms and applications that will satisfy users and drive business forward.

ForgeRock Workforce Access Management is a comprehensive solution built for every phase within the user lifecycle. It greatly speeds and eases legacy system modernization with future-minded access management capabilities. With ForgeRock, you can address today’s risk landscape and ensure secure access for all users from any location, any time, and on any device. ForgeRock Access Management allows you to easily design and execute secure user journeys that can change as circumstances dictate, as well as create a standards-based, extensible framework for new technologies to be seamlessly integrated.

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Simplify and Automate IGA to Mitigate Risks and Reduce Costs

With the accelerated growth of remote working, increased regulatory compliance pressures, and growing operational inefficiencies, global organizations are under duress. Weak compliance controls, financial penalties, productivity drains, data breaches, threaten not only to damage brand reputation, but the future of business itself.

ForgeRock Workforce Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution consists of ForgeRock Autonomous Identity, ForgeRock Identity Governance, and ForgeRock Identity Management. The solution simplifies employee onboarding, provisioning, deprovisioning, and offboarding processes. It also enables an autonomous, self-driving governance process and experience to accelerate secure access and achieve regulatory compliance while mitigating risks and reducing costs. With ForgeRock Workforce IGA, global organizations can:

  • Automate the creation of user accounts, manage user permissions, password resets and automatically remove user accounts, entitlements, and roles.
  • Streamline and simplify governance by fully automating access and certification processes.
  • Achieve simpler and faster time to value with a modular, lightweight solution for efficient compliance.
  • Become smarter and more secure with AL/ML for unmatched AI-driven security intelligence with explainable insights.

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Customers Succeed With ForgeRock

Leverage Industry-Leading IAM and IGA Capabilities



Password Management

  • Strong password management policies and controls
  • Simplified password reset experience
  • Lower helpdesk costs


Passwordless Authentication


Universal Single Sign On (SSO)


Intelligent Access


Identity Analytics


Access Requests, Approvals, Reviews


User Provisioning & De-Provisioning

Why ForgeRock for Workforce IAM and IGA?


Streamline & Simplify Governance


Multinational Financial Services Organization


Access privileges identified for removal from a major ERP application with 1.1M assignments.

Simpler & Faster Time to Value


Global Consumer Goods Provider


Reduction of required roles across the organization for 66K users and objects.

Smarter & More Secure with AI/ML


Major US Healthcare Service Provider


Entitlements throughout the enterprise identified as excessive for 14.6 million assignments within 3 hours.



Modernizing Workforce IAM

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management 2020


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