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ForgeRock Identity Gateway

ForgeRock Identity Gateway is an incredibly lightweight, flexible and high performance identity gateway that can provide identity services to any web traffic. Built from open source project, and part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, the ForgeRock Identity Gateway is, in its simplest form and most basic configuration,  a Java-based reverse proxy that runs as a web application.

It routes all HTTP web traffic to protected applications through a centralized gateway, verifying the validity of messages, enabling the close inspection, transformation and filtering of each request.  In simpler terms, ForgeRock Identity Gateway checks the identity of web traffic as it passes through, stopping those without permissions and letting the rest pass. By enforcing rules, it can determine who, what and when access is allowed to which resource.

Try ForgeRock Identity Gateway and simplify the deployment of security enforcement points today.

Key features:

  • IoT, Application and API Gateway
  • Reverse-Proxy Architecture
  • Standards-Based Throttling, Monitoring and Auditing
  • Single Sign-On and Single Sign-Off
  • Authorization Enforcement
  • Throttling, Monitoring and Auditing
  • Password Capture and Replay
  • Secure Token Exchange Standards-Based Solution
  • OpenID Connect Discovery

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