Empower Developers and Reduce Costs with SDKs


Deliver great experiences for the last mile of identity

Reducing the cost of application development without compromising on delivering great experiences to users sounds like a lofty goal. At ForgeRock we make it easy for you. Follow these three simple steps: 

Step 1: Choose a comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform that can address all your identity and access management needs at any scale. This enables you to start meeting your immediate needs today and have the ability to grow and address more advanced needs in the future. 

Step 2: Consume IAM as a cloud service to reduce your operational costs. If that doesn’t work for you, you always have other deployment options available to you.

Step 3: Deliver this service to your users by easily embedding it into all your web and mobile applications. This is the last mile of identity. This is where ForgeRock Software Development Kits (SDKs) can help you the most.

When you look at the value delivery chain, the last mile is the most complex. Regardless of the sector you’re in financial services, telecommunications, or transportationthe last mile of service delivery typically consumes the most budget and significantly impacts the user experience. It also takes the greatest amount of time and effort because the last mile is where the service actually meets the intended customer. 

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It's the same situation with identity. Building and delivering a comprehensive service is great, but you have to make it work for your customers and employeesespecially in complex, heterogeneous IT environments. This last mile of delivery can be the most difficult, yet it has the most potential beneficial impact on your users, customers and employees alike.

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Let’s look at how ForgeRock SDKs can help here in a couple of different ways and help you reduce the time and costs associated with this last mile challenge. 

First, our SDKs enable you to integrate quickly with our Intelligent Access Trees, so you can easily implement Zero Trust scenarios, such as dynamically switching user authentication behaviors based on context and providing passwordless and biometric authentication choices. This enables you to rapidly improve the user experience and security by delivering the power of our platform to mobile and web applications with just a few lines of code.

Centralized Login with “Hosted Pages” 

ForgeRock SDKs always enable you to embed the authentication experiences into your apps quickly. Starting last year the SDK can also centralize the login experience and delegate this responsibility to an authentication UI, like Hosted Pages, with a simple configuration switch.

This centralized login capability enables you to leverage a highly customizable and themable user interface (UI) across multiple mobile and web applications. This frees up your application and developer teams from having to manage the theming and look and feel of the login along with the authentication experiences themselves in each application, reducing your overall costs for application integration.

The great advantage of leveraging a single interface for user registration, self-service, and authentication in your mobile app is that any changes you make to the way they authenticate or perform self-service can be easily modeled using ForgeRock journeys. These changes will be reflected within the application immediately. There is no need for additional work to rebuild and redeploy the application. You completely eliminate any impact on applications when your authentication needs a change. When you can do this for multiple applications running across multiple platforms, the benefits multiply quickly.

  • Deliver a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience across your entire application portfolio
  • Apply branding and themes to these pages to match your organization’s color palette and UI standards using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Maximize your flexibility to change self-service and authentication behaviors without causing disruption to the user experience.

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If you’d like to see our SDKs in action or learn about other ways ForgeRock can help you deliver better experiences while reducing your costs for the last mile of identity, tune into Identity Live. Industry experts and our customers share how ForgeRock can help.

We at ForgeRock are committed to making identity easier for you. If you have more questions, reach out to us here. One of our experts will be happy to assist.