ForgeRock Consumer Survey: The New Normal


Suddenly, everybody was home. You became a homeschool teacher and you learned how to host a corporate happy hour over Zoom. Your new puppy started making guest appearances in your team calls. You downloaded a new app to deliver your groceries. Covid-19 impacted the entire world as online apps and services became our primary way to get things done.

Businesses had to figure out how to serve their customers and employees remotely as much as possible through new channels at unprecedented scale, regardless of age and geography, and quickly realized the importance of digital experiences

Now the question is when will things get back to “normal?” What will normal even be? And will our new digital habits stick?

The New Normal – Living Life Online

ForgeRock just completed a global survey that captures how the pandemic is affecting consumer behavior. Here are four key findings

  • Nearly half of all consumers polled say they will use more online services even with things return to normal.
  • The second point, which should be a warning, is that more than one-third (35%) say a difficult log-in process would cause them to cancel their account, while 32% said they would look for another service.
  • Third, consumers 65 and older are really embracing the new digital lifestyles, with 31% saying they will only shop online when this is all over.
  • Finally,  this shift isn’t just among retirees. A third of consumers ages 18-24 say they won’t go back to stadiums or theatres, instead they’ll keep watching sports, concerts, and movies online.

So, about that new normal, while no one knows exactly what’s next, it’s clear that we have very low tolerance for poor digital experiences and will, without hesitation, switch to apps and services that deliver easy, productive user experiences. This provides the greatest opportunity for businesses to thrive through any disruption.

Check out our report for great insight into what consumers have to say about their online experiences and how their behavior is changing now and in the future. And, don’t forget to keep an eye out for more insights from ForgeRock.