Healthtech, Fintech, and ForgeRock, a Winning Combination

At ForgeRock, we’ve got some pretty great band members who love identity. So much so that in their free time they go out and win hackathons with apps built on the ForgeRock Identity Platform! Wayne Blacklock, one of our excellent customer engineers, spent a weekend in April at a hackathon organized by Starling Bank. His team, MABLE Forge (a combination of healthtech startup, MABLE, and ForgeRock) won for its innovative approach to financial care, the use of financial data to better care for elderly or disabled people.

The app that Wayne and his teammate Rodney built, MABLE Fincare, helps people under care and their caretakers manage their finances. For example, MABLE Fincare could monitor spending patterns and alert a caretaker if it determined someone was depressed. Wayne used the ForgeRock Identity Platform to provide push notifications for caretaker authorization, so caretakers could easily approve or deny transactions.

Check out Starling Bank's full Q&A to learn more about MABLE Forge's victory. And rock on, Wayne!