Humans, Bots, & Trust: Leveraging Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence gives your security team the ability to balance trust and risk to achieve harmony between customer choice, usability, and data security. Check out how to get it done in the latest video in our Intelligent Authentication series:




The Threat Intelligence Advantage

Cyberspace is like the Wild West — a world where trust is a rare commodity and survival depends on the ability to calculate risk correctly. Actors, both human and bot, can launch attacks against your services, APIs, and applications. Perimeter based security is no longer trusted and the current security landscape is in constant flux. The first step towards building secure and trusted interactions requires a modern and agile approach to user and device authentication.

A key component to any authentication journey is to leverage as many data signals as possible, including internal, external, and third party threat intelligence sources. Many customers are designing login journeys with 15 or more data points, most of which are not directly related to traditional identity data sources such as usernames or risk scores.

Many customers also want the ability to not only detect the difference between a bot and a human, but also whether the human is known versus unknown, trusted or untrusted. Additionally, if credentials are confirmed to be correct but originate from a device infected with malware, the question then becomes whether the threat can be identified, quarantined and reported.

Future-Proofing Threats with Next Gen Authentication

Customers previously used point solutions to attempt to combat known threats but such solutions are restrictive and only address existing vulnerabilities. How do you respond when a new threat emerges?

ForgeRock’s Intelligent Authentication enables security admins and developers to design purpose-built journeys that can integrate multiple signals, authentication factors, and security services in one interface. Out-of-the-box features include email and account verification, Google reCAPTCHA, and many more.

With Intelligent Authentication, you can block access from suspicious endpoints or isolate questionable users in a honey pot version of their intended target. In the case of suspected breaches involving multiple accounts, you can utilize a rich set of REST-based APIs to lock groups of users.

There is Strength in Numbers

No single authentication factor is unbreakable. Today’s best is tomorrow’s vulnerability, which means that CISOs and security architects need to have a future-proofed set of authentication services. A new threat signal or authentication factor change should not require expensive consultancy or redesign.

ForgeRock has built strategic partnerships with numerous threat intelligence providers to ensure you can tackle new threats as they emerge. The extensible framework also allows for simple extensions in a matter of minutes.

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