The Identity Brief: Why Going Passwordless is Even More Important Than You Think


Earlier this year, the ForgeRock Communications team came to me with the idea of doing a podcast. There are other Digital Identity centric podcasts already out there, so I wanted to figure out a way to make this one different and engaging.

It starts with my co-host Fraser Wallace. We often joke that Fraser is the face of ForgeRock - he seems to be everywhere! When he’s not on stage hosting Identity Live, he’s behind the camera producing our awesome video content. He also hosts our video channel called “ForgeTalks,” which hit its zenith when it did a double episode on passwordless authentication.

While Fraser and I kicked around ideas for our podcast, it dawned on us. What if our show's main goal was to teach those who don’t come from the world of Identity something new about the subject? Can we provide a platform that teaches wat’s unique about the industry and how it’s integral to so many technologies? By talking to partners, industry luminaries, and ForgeRock experts to hear about their experiences and insights about digital identity, we theorized that we could all learn together.

With that, “The Identity Brief” was born. A podcast that explores the world of digital identity by getting some of the greatest minds in the industry together to discuss pressing topics and how identity fits into our everyday lives.

Our first guest on the podcast is Ori Eisen. Ori is the Founder and CEO of Trusona, a ForgeRock partner and leader in passwordless authentication technology. Ori has had a successful and storied career fighting fraud and brings a unique perspective on the importance of digital identity and the need to eliminate passwords. He will have you thinking differently about the next breach that makes news. Ori sets the bar extraordinarily high for future podcast guests. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation as much as we did having it.



Be on the lookout for more episodes from the Identity Brief.