It’s an Amazing Time to Be in Digital Identity


ForgeRock has a rich history of transforming the digital identity experiences for the most successful companies on the planet. The announcement of Okta’s intent to acquire Auth0 underscores the importance of this market. It’s more exciting than ever to be part of ForgeRock as we execute on our mission of helping organizations create digital identity experiences that are frictionless and intuitive while still protecting the security of the enterprise in a Zero Trust environment.

We’re in a Better Position than Ever Before to Lead the Way

In light of the news, I was reflecting on what we hear consistently from customers. Based on research and experience, some things have become crystal clear. To support the future of work and digital transformation, ForgeRock is uniquely poised and ready to help customers meet their requirements as they embark on their modernization journey.

User Experience and SecurityWithout Compromise

Today’s end user won’t tolerate a poor experience, and businesses can’t risk security vulnerabilities. When you try to balance security and experience, you usually end up with an approach that’s mediocre at best. At ForgeRock, our purpose is to help users safely and simply access the connected world. We help organizations deepen their relationships with their customers and improve the productivity of their workforceall while growing revenues and saving costs; increasing security and compliance; and reducing fraud and risk. Using our unique Intelligent Access Trees, our customers can avoid compromise and deliver exceptional and secure experiences.

A Purpose-built, Enterprise-grade IAM Platform 

This means support for any kind of identity: consumers, workforce, services, or things. It means support for key functionality: identity management, access management, and identity governance. It means providing powerful extensibility, configurability, scalability, and performance. It means protecting applications and application programming interfaces (APIs). And it means integration support for any kind of app, whether modern microservices-based, mobile, web, or legacy. This is what you get with ForgeRock.

Cloud-based Solutions that Support Hybrid IT

According to a soon-to-be released survey of more than 300 IAM decision makers at large organizations, 98% of respondents who have adopted cloud-based IAM solutions have experienced challenges mapping and integrating them into their existing processes and legacy systems. Customers want a platform that they can integrate into their current reality while modernizing their infrastructure. With our simplified pricing model, ForgeRock enables customers to consume our technology as a cloud service, deploy into self-managed environmentsor both. Customers can deploy identity management where and how they need it to support their hybrid architectures. 

Control Over Data 

To meet global security and regulatory requirements, organizations require flexibility in how they consume identity services and where their data is stored. Customers want to be sure the performance of their environment is not affected by others. They need assurance that their data is not comingled, and they want to avoid nosy and noisy neighbor problems. ForgeRock’s unique cloud architecture does just that, while providing customers the time to value they have come to expect from a cloud-based service.

Acceleration of Digital Transformation by Putting an End to Identity Silos 

As customers push to modernize, they are struggling with how to manage the numerous identity silos that crop up across their organizations. We call this Shadow Identity, and it leads to poor customer experiences and increased security risks. Our industry has spent decades tearing down silos of identity in order to unify identity in customers’ environments in order to provide better experiences and reduce security risks. Understandably, these companies are moving fast, but it is imperative that they take a strategic view of identity that will support their goals today and in the future. ForgeRock enables organizations to harmonize their identity while enabling business agility to move fast.

No matter what the business driver is  Zero Trust, cloud adoption, digital transformation, or modernizationForgeRock is uniquely equipped to deliver world-class business outcomes on a global scale without compromise. We believe the news this week solidifies our position as the only identity solution provider that can set the identity standard for enterprises: One platform, Any identity.