Mobile Premier League Implements ForgeRock to Support Growth for 85 Million Customers Worldwide and Counting


Sometimes you hear the term “explosive growth” when describing businesses, but that description doesn’t always ring true. In the case of Mobile Premier League (MPL), it does. In just three years, this India-based e-sports company has reached unicorn status, securing over 85 million global users.

Valued at $2.3 billion, MPL currently offers 60+ games on its platform. This forward-thinking company understands that to continue fueling its growth, updating its infrastructure to deliver the highest possible levels of service and security is critical. 

“Our superior user experience has been a key contributor to our growth and we need to maintain that quality as we expand throughout the world. We plan on adding many more games and users so we need to be sure our infrastructure can scale and allow users to easily and securely move from game to game within one consistent login experience on our app,” said Kaustubh Bhoyar, Senior Vice President of Engineering, MPL. “Massive expansion can quickly drive up costs. One of the reasons we switched to the ForgeRock Identity Platform is because of its ‘no surprise’ pricing model.” 

Flexible Solution  

As MPL expands into different countries, it needed an adaptable platform that could meet each country’s data and privacy laws. ForgeRock Intelligent Access can meet these needs. “As we move into new regions like the U.S., we don’t have the time or budget to rewrite every app to meet each country’s privacy requirements. We also want to be able to quickly add new features like social log-in and configure them on the fly,” said Ashwini Kumar, Senior Engineering Manager, MPL. “Most identity solutions require extensive programming to make these changes. But ForgeRock Intelligent Access allows us to make changes in a low code manner. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows us to create customizable and secure user journeys, allowing us to quickly enter new markets just as we recently did in the U.S.”

Developer-Friendly Identity Platform 

MPL has a unique and developer-friendly marketplace model where developers can join and create games. But from an infrastructure perspective, MPL has some needs such as tokens and application-to-application communications, requiring MPL to provide an embedded seamless single sign-on (SSO) user experience. “With ForgeRock, and particularly the ForgeRock Mobile SDK, we can quickly integrate ForgeRock Intelligent Access into our apps. This means developers can leverage existing code to quickly add our required security platform services like SSO and secure social login in the games they are creating. This also provides an awesome user experience because users don’t have to re-login to different games as they maintain the status of their existing login session,” added Kumar.  

Predictable Pricing Model 

Another reason MPL selected ForgeRock is because ForgeRock can provide MPL with a predictive pricing model. Most other identity providers dictate active user pricing models that potentially lead to large unforeseen costs if customers meet or exceed growth expectations--essentially, punishing customers for their success. ForgeRock provides the predictability MPL and other customers require in order to grow in a fiscally responsible manner.

ForgeRock partner Inspirit Vision is implementing the solution. Learn more about the ForgeRock Identity Platform.