Customer Success Story

The BBC supports remote workers, and delivers personalized content to 45M+ global users

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Media and Entertainment
Supports 45M+ users
Scaled quickly to support increased demand and remote users during pandemic
Launched a new service within weeks of the pandemic and saw 3M people use the service on launch day, with zero downtime
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the BBC quickly and easily supported remote workers, scaled to meet increased demand, and rolled out new services.
We’re getting World Cup numbers every day at 5 p.m., right when everyone tunes in to hear what the Prime Minister is saying about the COVID-19 crisis. Millions of people want the information instantaneously and in different formats, such as video, text, and audio. Our challenge is to respond to this ever-increasing demand and provide seamless service to our audience.
Matt Grest Director of Platform, the BBC