Customer Success Story

French government agency provides easy and secure access to 35 different pension schemes for tens of millions of users

Offers 32M people easier and more secure access to 35 different pension schemes
Scaled to onboard 120K sign-ups in 2 days, setting a record
Simplified architecture and reduced costs
CNAV uses the ForgeRock Identity Platform to authenticate digital identities for the new portal, helping potentially tens of millions of French citizens to securely access online information and services across more than 35 state pension schemes. The solution integrates seamlessly with the national FranceConnect digital identity scheme, and offers the scalability to handle rapid growth in user numbers.
The new portal gives people a single view of all their pension and employment details for their entire career, so of course security is paramount. At the same time, we need to open up and share more services and data not only with the end users, but also with other pension and social security organizations. The ForgeRock Identity Platform helps us to balance the requirements for confidentiality and usability, and the solution also offers the required performance, scalability and reliability.
François Brousse CIO, CNAV