Customer Success Story

Large telco modernizes systems supporting 200M identities as part of cloud migration

Processes 7K transactions per second
Handles the lifecycle of customer identities across multiple markets
Migrates to cloud
Telkomsel is centralizing identity management on ForgeRock to power Telkomsel’s new digital ecosystem of mobile, web and third-party applications, providing customers with a rich and seamless experience. Customers can conveniently use the same identity across applications and devices including the MyTelkomsel app and online portal. By allowing customers to perform identity and access actions themselves, Telkomsel’s IT administrators are freed up for other projects.
ForgeRock’s focus on customer success and involvement throughout the project duration is highly appreciated by Telkomsel and is one of the key reasons for successful implementation of the CIAM platform. This implementation will enable Telkomsel to deliver more innovations to delight our customers’ experience in digital services.
Pak Rudy Jayadi VP of IT Digital Enablement, Telkomsel