Desbloquee el poder de la identidad digital para el comercio minorista

Aproveche la plataforma de IAM líder en la industria para mejorar la retención de clientes, aumentar los ingresos e impulsar la lealtad a la marca en múltiples canales y marcas.

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Delight Your Customers and Get Ahead of the Competition


The retail industry is changing at an unprecedented scale. Customers are demanding better omnichannel experiences, personalization, and more control over their data. Meanwhile, organizations are investing heavily to improve digital experiences and services that will result in increased brand loyalty. Leveraging comprehensive digital identity capabilities enables you to acquire, convert, and retain customers by:

  • Building a single view of customer needs and trends across all shopping channels
  • Creating exceptional customer experiences across all digital channels
  • Enabling customers by allowing them to control how their data is shared

Changing Customer Behaviors


Drive Revenue Growth with Personalization and Digital Trust


Unlock the power of digital identity to deliver truly transformational, secure, and trusted user experiences that help drive revenue.


With ForgeRock, you can consolidate data silos to create a single view of customer needs and trends, drive personalized offerings, and brand loyalty across physical, digital, and hybrid shopping channels.

Capte clientes más rápido

Give customers the choice of using social registration to reduce friction at account registration and onboarding. Deliver seamless authentication experiences by eliminating passwords and usernames. Introduce the right amount of security at appropriate stages of the customer journey by leveraging contextual digital signals to secure customer data across multiple devices, apps, and services.

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Deliver Great Omnichannel Experiences

Deliver seamless customer journeys across all shopping channels by building secure user journeys through a drag-and-drop interface using a wide range of out-of-the-box authentication options. Scale hyper-personalized customer experiences and offerings by consolidating data silos and creating a single view of customer needs and trends to improve conversion and retention.

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Build Trust By Protecting Customers

Build loyalty by giving your customers the means to control who their data is shared with, when, and for how long. Create a single view of identity to protect customer data across multiple brands and shopping channels to mitigate risk of identity fraud by ensuring the right level of security is introduced to protect customers from malicious actors at the appropriate stages of the customer journey.

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Drive Personalization and Monetization with IoT

Connecting customers, systems, devices and data can enhance omnichannel experiences and amplify trusted relationships. The explosion in the Internet of Things (IoT) gives you the ability to deliver hyper-personalized digital services and new value-added revenue streams.

  • Secure IoT devices against cyber threats wherever they reside
  • Extend a single view of customer needs to the edge, across constrained and unconstrained IoT devices
  • Automate retail operations and make store environments more efficient with zero-touch self-registration
  • Proactively engage customers with real-time insights from IoT devices to drive personalized promotions, products, and services

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Secure Privacy and Align with GDPR

The emergence of privacy regulations in the E.U. and other parts of the world has forced retailers to update their privacy policies and identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has expanded the frequency, complexity, and cost of internal audits. 

  • Addressing GDPR data residency and sovereignty requirements
  • Protecting personal identifiable information (PII) with innovative techniques such as pseudo-anonymization and encryption
  • Strengthening authentication and authorization with contextual signals, Zero Trust security, and CARTA
  • Enabling customers to control how their data is shared with third-parties, through User Managed Access (UMA)

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