Tap the Power of Digital Identity in Retail

Grow omnichannel revenue and build sustained customer loyalty across the retail ecosystem.

Deepen Customer Relationships for a Lifetime of Value


Within the highly competitive retail landscape, maintaining a competitive edge has become increasingly demanding. Today’s retailers must be able to build and sustain customer loyalty. Enterprise-grade digital identity enables retail leaders to:

  • Build a single view of customer engagement across channels.
  • Reduce abandonment at all stages of the retail journey.
  • Secure customer data to build long-lasting trust.

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Deliver Secure Brand Experiences at Scale

Accelerate New-Customer Conversion

Accelerate New-Customer Conversion

Accelerate the conversion of unknown or returning guests into known customers by reducing the friction within new-customer account setup and registration journeys.

Reduzca que el cliente se vaya durante el proceso de pago

Reduzca que el cliente se vaya durante el proceso de pago

Reduce shopping cart abandonment through context-adaptive authentication, hyper-personalized customer experiences, and 99.99% uptime at internet-scale.

Reduce the Attack Surface

Reduce the Attack Surface

Use advanced identity security to increase brand loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLTV). Use AI to mitigate the risk of breaches and fraud, and prevent account takeover and bot attacks.


Use Digital Identity to Build Your Competitive Edge


Unlock the power of digital identity to build a competitive edge with secure user experiences that help to build trust and drive sustained loyalty and revenue.


The ForgeRock unified IAM platform is built for customer, workforce, B2B, B2B2X, and internet of things (IoT) use cases.

Modernize and integrate your disparate hybrid IT environments with a single identity platform. Consolidate data silos and create a single view of customer needs and trends to drive personalized offerings and build brand loyalty across physical, digital, and hybrid shopping channels.

Expand Digital Ecosystems

Reach new customer segments and forge new opportunities by easily and securely expanding digital ecosystems to include partner, supplier, and other third-party applications and services. Gain a single view of identities across the third-party ecosystem.

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Secure Front- and Back-End Operations

Secure your hybrid front- and back-end environments and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access across employee, partner, supplier, and IoT touchpoints. Protect legacy on-premises networks, modern cloud and mobile apps, APIs, and microservices.

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Impulse la monetización con el IoT

Secure IoT devices and data to safely include connected things as part of product offerings and services. Build and manage the relationships between human and IoT identities. Get real-time insights from IoT devices to drive personalized promotions, products, and services.

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Build Consent-Driven Trust

Use privacy and consent to achieve long-lasting customer trust and brand loyalty. Ensure that customer data is collected, stored, transferred, and processed in compliance with data privacy regulations, such as CCPA, GDPR, and CDR.

  • Meet data residency and sovereignty requirements through full tenant isolation
  • Give customers the tools to self-manage their privacy and consent settings
  • Enable customers to control how their data is shared with third parties through User-Managed Access (UMA)
  • lograr el cumplimiento normativo con los requisitos de privacidad a nivel mundial.

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Reduce Costs and Attain Extreme ROI

Retail leaders can reduce costs significantly by using a single platform to modernize and extend legacy systems, access and unite siloed data, consolidate disparate IAM solutions, and reduce the need for specialty IT resources.

A recent study of ForgeRock customer identity and access management (CIAM) revealed:

  • $8.1 millones en ahorros en entornos heredados
  • $23.9 millones de dólares de ahorro en el centro de contacto gracias a la reducción del volumen de llamadas
  • Aumento del 400 % en la participación del cliente

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Achieve More Using Partner Integrations

The ForgeRock identity platform includes pre-built and tested integrations from an extensive list of partners. The ForgeRock Trust Network is a collection of more than 200 leading technology companies specializing in strong authentication, identity proofing, biometrics, and fraud/risk mitigation.


Duo Security, ahora parte de Cisco, es el proveedor líder de seguridad de acceso unificado (UAS) y autenticación multifactor. La plataforma de seguridad Zero Trust de Duo, Duo Beyond, permite a las organizaciones brindar acceso confiable a todas sus aplicaciones críticas, para cualquier usuario, desde cualquier lugar y con cualquier dispositivo.


Twilio permite a las empresas utilizar comunicaciones y datos para agregar inteligencia y seguridad a cada paso del recorrido del cliente, desde ventas hasta mercadotecnia y crecimiento, servicio al cliente y muchos más casos de uso de interacción de manera flexible y programática.


Daon is an industry leader in next-gen identity proofing, biometric authentication, and digital onboarding. Daon’s AI/ML-powered platforms allow organizations to securely authenticate and manage identity throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


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