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Circle is on a mission to empower organizations to eliminate the world's exposure to cyber threats. Unlike other cybersecurity players, Circle decentralizes security orchestration from the cloud to the endpoint while eliminating the need for user credentials thus delivering the dual impact of prevention from credential-driven data breaches and protection from cloud attacks.

Circle's decentralized platform cryptographically unifies the capabilities of device trust, data access, and data protection into a single architecture, empowering enterprises to seamlessly enforce effective data security posture management starting with user data access, tracking data flows, and protecting against data exposure. As an API-first technology, Circle allows developers to integrate Circle's prevention-first security into their apps, websites, products, and services with no/low code.

Circle for ForgeRock enhances the security of identities in ForgeRock by minimizing their dependence on usernames and passwords, binding devices to identities, and securing data flows throughout identity journeys. Specifically, the combination of Circle and ForgeRock strengthens customer's security posture on three critical fronts:

  • Based on identity profiles, roles and access policies in ForgeRock Identity Platform, customers can now activate Circle to deliver credential-free authentication for secure and frictionless data access. Once authorized in ForgeRock, Circle securely stores the user identity (minimizing cloud exposure) and allows cross-browser and cross-device data access without the need for usernames/passwords.
  • Based on the policies set in ForgeRock, Circle activates delegated MFA as a re-authentication or identity verification in existing user workflows for high-risk use cases, contexts, and user profiles.
  • Circle recognizes user authentication is the first part in the equation to ensure an "always-on" fraud-proof and secure environment for users to transact, communicate and exchange information with peace of mind. By building device trust and binding user identities in ForgeRock to authorized devices, Circle can enable customers to monitor and track data flows with full visibility & control thus protecting against data exposure.

Circle helps enterprises to shift left in their cybersecurity posture management from "detect and respond" to "prevention-first."

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