Regulators now ask for organisations to utilise biometrics for customer's accounts. But how do you onboard a biometric securely in the knowledge that the person presenting their biometric is not trying to spoof the system? Facebanx's solution is to utilise live streaming so that when a customer is requested to present their biometrics such as face or voice biometric and ID document, the whole event is live streamed back to the server so that it can be watched in real time or recorded to be viewed later. In this way it is possible to not only see a customer present their biometrics but they can be seen to be in possession of the ID document which is also presented for an OCR check. By using Facebanx's live streaming biometric and ID onboarding solution you can be sure that the customer is not spoofing the biometric onboarding. Once the biometrics has been on-boarded securely you can use them for authentication purposes such as accessing an account or making an online payment.

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