KuppingerCole: Overcoming Identity Governance Challenges with ForgeRock Autonomous Identity

Most organizations see the value of identity governance and administration (IGA). However, they recognize that it has its challenges in practice, with certain tasks being complex and cumbersome. As a result, existing IGA solutions are faltering. Dynamic businesses require new approaches with a high degree of automation. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) bear the promise of delivering such automation to complex tasks. ForgeRock Autonomous Identity implements such capabilities for ForgeRock and third-party IGA platforms, ensuring that more organizations can use them effectively and gain maximum benefit from them. Read this report to learn:

  • The need to augment IGA to support business needs and users
  • Common challenges and pitfalls in today's IGA solutions
  • Improving IGA with AI: What to consider and how to do it right
  • ForgeRock's modern approach with AI-Driven identity analytics

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