5 Ways to Build Profit-Growing Digital Health Ecosystems

How leaders from CDOs to CIOs use digital identity to drive growth and secure their businesses

Today, healthcare organizations compete for customers and workforces based on experiences.

Building great experiences means achieving interoperability with new technologies and legacy healthcare IT environments, partnering with third-parties, and mitigating the risk of healthcare data breaches, fraud, and ransomware while maintaining compliance.

To do all of the above and more requires enterprise-grade identity and access management (IAM). Read 5 Ways to Build Profit-Growing Digital Health Ecosystems to learn:

  • How digital identity helps to deliver profit-driving experiences, operational efficiency, and security while reducing costs
  • Why identity security capabilities, such as passwordless authentication, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and artificial intelligence (AI) threat detection are required
  • How digital identity helps healthcare leaders achieve compliance for Joint Commissions, HIPAA, HITECH, CCPA, and the CMS interoperability mandate

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