Unlock The Potential of Smart Mobility and Connected Vehicle

Why Digital Identity is the Key to Continued Success in the Automotive Industry

Eighty-five percent of auto executives agree that the digital ecosystem will generate higher revenue than the hardware of the car itself.

Before you start your next identity and access management deployment, read this e-book to discover why digital identity and connected vehicle security architectures are the key to continued success in the automotive industry.

Whether you call it Smart Mobility, Autonomous Mobility, Sustainable or Eco-mobility, Urban Mobility, or another term, carmakers and suppliers must embrace new technology and business models as the auto industry transitions from car-centric B2B models to people-centric B2C models. With this shift in focus from cars to the people in them, the consumer and customer experience must be seamless in order to compete and grow revenue.

Download this e-book to get valuable insight into:

  • The opportunities and challenges that come with Smart Mobility and Connected Vehicles
  • How the automotive industry is responding to those opportunities and challenges
  • The elements of digital identity that contribute to a more relevant, connected identity intelligence
  • What an intelligent smart mobility ecosystem means and the new potential services needed
  • The types of solutions offered in areas of security, personalization, fleet management, and more
Download this free e-book now to learn what mobilizing digital identity can mean for your company's success.