How to Evaluate Customer Identity Providers for Healthcare

Use This CIAM Checklist to Make An Informed Purchase Decision

Healthcare organizations are using customer identity and access management (CIAM) as a strategic advantage to address consumer demands, security risks, and budget and staffing shortages.

This evaluation guide provides healthcare organizations with the knowledge they need to make an informed customer identity and access management decision. Learn which digital identity capabilities are important for your healthcare business needs and trends, and how to evaluate CIAM providers.

Download the guide to:

  • Get a checklist of RFP questions that are important to ask identity providers for healthcare
  • Discover which customer identity capabilities (such as MFA, passwordless authentication, identity proofing, UMA, and Zero Trust) are essential
  • Understand how and why each CIAM capability is used by healthcare organizations
  • Get complimentary access to Gartner®, Forrester®, and KuppingerCole CIAM evaluations

Download the CIAM evaluation guide for healthcare now.