Three Approaches To Passwordless Authentication

Healthcare’s cure for password experience and security woes

All healthcare users — patients, members, consumers, providers, employees, contractors, partners — hate passwords. They result in poor security and poor experiences.

For years, the standard approach to mitigating the password's security flaws has been to enforce increasingly harsh password policies or to require a second or third method of authentication. And, of course, there's always been a healthy dose of user education about social engineering and password misuse.

Unfortunately, these measures keep healthcare organizations at risk because of the increase in password-based attacks.

Read this white paper to:

  • Understand the security risks of passwords within the healthcare industry
  • Learn how passwordless eliminates password-based attacks
  • Know why multi-factor authentication (MFA) isn't enough
  • Discover three approaches to passwordless available now to your organization for every user type

Get started on the road to passwordless.