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How to Achieve Enterprise-Wide Interoperability with Identity Gateway

Secure Applications, Devices, and Services – From On-Premises to the Cloud

Adopting cloud solutions slashes IT costs, improves flexibility, increases efficiency, enhances security, boosts performance, and increases the potential for innovation. But even with the massive uptick in cloud adoption, legacy resources remain critical to your business. You have to maintain some of your existing infrastructure, including legacy applications, web servers, and APIs. As a result, you end up with a hybrid architecture that includes public and private cloud solutions along with on-premises resources.

To seamlessly integrate, centralize, and manage identities and data across any environment without creating more identity silos, your organization needs to manage access to both cloud and on-premises solutions. Reducing identity silos across hybrid environments requires an identity gateway that can be deployed anywhere to enforce authentication and authorization of applications, APIs, and microservices.

ForgeRock Identity Gateway is an intelligent identity-aware proxy that delivers a flexible, high-performance, standards-based approach to securing on-premises and cloud services.

With Identity Gateway you can:

  • Centralize authentication and authorization
  • Simplify security flow design with visual designer
  • Coexist and modernize with legacy applications
  • Secure modern cloud applications, APIs, and microservices
  • Secure real-time streaming data

Only ForgeRock delivers the comprehensive capabilities you need to manage identity across this evolving landscape.

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