ForgeRock Success Packages

Maximize your investment in identity and achieve the best results for your organization

Drive Results Through Identity


Organizations are under constant pressure to deliver security while ensuring customer satisfaction and employee productivity through simple, seamless user journeys.

But, if your organization is like most, managing all your identities — consumers, workforce and things — is only getting more complex. You operate a hybrid environment with systems and apps in the cloud and on prem. And you have people accessing resources through different networks using different devices.

ForgeRock Success Packages are partnership relationships that include the support you need, expertise, scheduled interactions, and named success managers to help you reach the goals you set out to achieve with the ForgeRock Identity Platform and solutions.

  • Achieve desired outcomes
  • Gain the inside track on new releases and innovations
  • Boost operational efficiency

Choose the Success Package that will Help you Reach your Goals

ForgeRock Success Packages are all about making your organization successful. Since identity is ever-changing, we focus on helping you leverage your investment to achieve what you need from it. Then we partner with you on an ongoing basis to understand your business so you can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Our Customer Success Resources — your Account and Outcome Managers — are your identified points of contact within ForgeRock. They hold regularly scheduled pulse cadence calls with your team and understand your goals and metrics. This means that when challenges arise, you will be talking with a person familiar with your strategic and tactical needs. Our Customer Success Resources are available in the Select and Premium Packages.

Subject to Change Without Notice





Customer Success
  (Stated Timeframes are for Guidance Purposes Only)

Named Customer Success Resource

  (CSAM)* (CSOM)*

Pulse Cadence

Quarterly Quarterly Twice Monthly

Success/Milestone Alignment

  Yearly Quarterly

360 Executive Briefing

Yearly Yearly Twice Yearly

Innovation & Roadmap Sessions

Yearly Twice Yearly

Value Unlock Forum



Priority Response Times


4 hours 2 hours 1 hour


8 hours 4 hours 2 hours


24 hours 8 hours 4 hours


48 hours 24 hours 24 hours

Availability: Web, Phone Support and
     Phone Escalation





Configuration/Implementation Review


Professional Advisory Services Hours

    20% Discount


Training All Access Subscription

  20% Discount 50% Discount

Skills Assessment from ForgeRock


*Your ForgeRock Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) or Customer Success Outcome Manager (CSOM) acts as your trusted advisor and advocate, and serves as your defined contact within the ForgeRock organization.

It's A Team Building Effort


Expanding your team's skills is important to stay responsive and adapt in an ever-changing digital world. Our Skills Assessment service performs an evaluation of an individual(s) on your team's ability to perform a specific skill or set of skills. It can help uncover areas for learning, making it easier to create a relevant, personalized training and development plan. At ForgeRock, the skills assessment is part of our Premium Success Package and also available for individual purchase.

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