ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.0

Intelligent Authentication Ushers in a New Era in Digital Identity

With the RSA Conference kicking off in San Francisco this week, we’re taking the opportunity to unveil the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.0. A significant advancement in digital identity technology, our new flagship offering will deliver real, measurable business value to ForgeRock customers in fresh new ways. More than ever before, ForgeRock is the key technology provider helping you to build trusted digital relationships across people, services and things.

ForgeRock Identity Platform Icon
The ForgeRock Identity Platform was developed to integrate with any of your digital services. Click to download product brief.

The 6.0 platform is the first identity offering to feature Intelligent Authentication, a decision tree-oriented approach to authentication. Intelligent Authentication delivers the unique ability to visually map user authentication journeys and then measure the user experience using analytics, making it possible to deliver secure, frictionless customer experiences within any number of business cases, including internet of things, smart home, connected car, retail, financial services and more. In addition, the 6.0 platform includes advanced privacy and consent features specifically tailored to support GDPR compliance, and also features new microservices, API connector, and deployment options that cloud developers will love.

Our product team is especially proud of the work we did to bring our new Intelligent Authentication technology to life. Essentially, it will enable ForgeRock customers to orchestrate and instrument authentication factors and signals based on device, context, behavior, risk, and analytics. These capabilities are specifically designed to support secure customer interactions in the digital environment increasingly shaped by immediacy, omnichannel, device agnosticism, and the IoT.

Designed for the New Customer Experience Environment

As digital transformation takes hold across one business sector after another, there are more ways for customers to interact with companies, products and services than ever before. This shifting consumer landscape isn’t just getting reoriented by emerging devices, apps and services;  it’s also prompting new concerns about data security and privacy. A recent study sponsored by ForgeRock found that nearly nine in ten consumers have deep concerns about the security and privacy of their personal information. Similarly, 92% of consumers believe they should have control over what personal information is automatically collected. Indeed, the research around customer experiences and privacy paints a vivid picture of change:

  • An Accenture study finds that 77% of users are interested in an alternative to usernames and passwords to protect their security on the internet.

  • Verizon finds that 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen or weak passwords.

  • Gartner research has shown that poor identity corroboration and other security choices that degrade UX — for example, burdensome registration and login processes — directly result in lost customers.

  • Forrester finds that 90% of companies plan to use digital intelligence to improve their customer experience.

How does this all add up? The login+password paradigm that has characterized the online experience since the earliest days of the commercial internet is fast becoming obsolete. At the same time, customer-oriented organizations are looking for ways to tap authentication and authorization data to shape more engaging experiences, while securing those interactions in ways that eliminate friction.

CIAM solutions like the new ForgeRock Identity Platform are optimized to secure and personalize customer interactions across the full range of digital touchpoints and IoT business cases. Intelligent Authentication offers improved user experience via choice. Solutions such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) are replacing traditional methods like password-only to increase security, but its limitations offer up inconsistent customer experiences, often leading to abandonment. With Intelligent Authentication, you can overcome these limitations to strike the right balance between security and customer choice. Ultimately, you can deliver a more secure and meaningful experience across all digital touchpoints, whenever, wherever.

What It Means for Business

The benefits of Intelligent Authentication manifest along two paths:

  1. Improves customer engagement through dynamic personalizations. You can offer services and content to users based on their device, location, time of day, as well as demographic data captured during registration (age, gender, income level, and more). Additionally, you will gain insights through user login analytics, and you can simplify login journeys via user choice.

  2. Strengthens your security landscape by preventing data breaches and fraud; enables targeted risk reduction, and delivers purpose-built login journeys.

In sum, the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.0 will help organizations to future-proof innovation. Its customization capabilities and ease of use enables the organization to quickly respond to customer demands. Consumers receive a less intrusive login journey, improving their relationship with the organization. Security teams can unify silos and deliver targeted risk reduction. Service providers can receive more information and context of the end user in order to deliver dynamic personalization. Ultimately, business leaders can gain insight into the customer journey to improve conversion and engagement across touchpoints.

There’s lots more to learn about the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.0, so please check back here on the blog in the days and weeks to come. And check out our demo video of Intelligent Authentication for more details now. We’re rolling out a series of videos to highlight the cool new features in the platform, and how they can be used in real-world customer interactions and business settings. If you’re an existing ForgeRock customer and interested in learning more about with 6.0 has to offer, please contact your account rep or email us here and someone from the team will be in touch.