ForgeRock Joins the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry as Founding Member

With the Hannover Messe show kicking off earlier today in Germany, we’re seeing all kinds of news on digital identity management and internet of things topics. We put out our own news late last week, announcing both the launch of our new ForgeRock Edge Security offering and an Early Access Program in partnership with ARM, Dell, and Trustonic. This morning the Linux Foundation added a whole lot of momentum to the IoT edge movement with the announcement of EdgeX Foundry. An open source project uniting hardware, software and services developers, EdgeX Foundry is dedicated to building a common open framework for Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates enterprise and Industrial IoT. ForgeRock is joining EdgeX Foundry as a founding member.

Adopting an open source edge software platform benefits stakeholders across the entire IoT ecosystem:

  • End Customers can deploy IoT edge solutions quickly and easily with the flexibility to dynamically adapt to changing business needs;
  • Hardware Manufacturers can scale faster with an interoperable partner ecosystem and more robust security and system management;
  • Independent Software Vendors can benefit from interoperability with 3rd party applications and hardware without reinventing connectivity;
  • Sensor/Device Makers can write an application-level device driver with a selected protocol once using the SDK and get pull from all solution providers;
  • System Integrators can get to market faster with plug-and-play ingredients combined with their own proprietary inventions.

All of us at ForgeRock are delighted to participate in the EdgeX project, and we’re excited to be joining Dell as a founding member. Just as we joined the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program to enable organizations to deploy IoT initiatives with functional integrity and device security assured, so partnering on the EdgeX project will enable us to do so on a far larger scale. Two of the biggest inhibitors to the progress of the IoT are a) standards and b) security. The EdgeX project is a significant step forward in creating a standards framework where ForgeRock’s digital identity management technologies can extend security to interactions between people, devices, things, and public and private clouds in the IoT.