How Social Identity Improves the Customer Experience - Four Points

Organizations need to embrace digital transformation to evolve with the changing business landscape. A component of this change is the rapid adoption of social media. At ForgeRock, we understand people are social and customers love simple — so why not integrate the two to deliver a frictionless omni-channel customer experience? This is where the power of social identity shines: ForgeRock Social Registration & Authentication. With the Identity Management capabilities within the ForgeRock Identity Platform, your organization can leverage the comprehensive capabilities of social identity providers (IDPs) to improve the customer experience.

Increase customer engagement with simplified customer onboarding
Social identity within the ForgeRock Identity Platform makes it easy for your customers to easily register and sign-in through social providers such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others. Take advantage of features like social integration and self-service to find and convert leads faster than before. Keep customers engaged by providing a frictionless customer experience as they navigate your products and services.

Build valuable relationships with customers — Know Your Customer (KYC)
The better you know your customer, the better experience you can provide. Likewise, the more loyalty you can build, the more growth and revenue you can drive. Customers will typically share certain personal information to establish an identity with your organization, information that will enable them to access and consume your services. As such, you can gather extensive and relevant customer data from multiple social profiles to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers, all of which is key to cross-selling, up-selling, and delivering more personalized experiences.

Lock in customer trust and loyalty with secure customer experiences
Security is paramount to customers. Customers will trust your organization if you can ensure their data and your services are protected from fraud and malicious activities. Social identity providers (IDPs) use tested and trusted security standards like OAuth and OpenID Connect (OIDC), which enables customers to safely use their social identity for registration and login for third party services. Combined with the advanced features of the ForgeRock Identity Platform - including adaptive authentication and contextual authorization - these IDP capabilities enable organizations like yours to provide secure online services of all kinds. You can rest assured your customers and services are in good hands.

Generate value by empowering your customers with privacy and consent
There is a mutually beneficial value exchange when it comes to trusted digital relationships. In exchange for a richer customer experience, users will share more data if they trust their personal data is respected. With ForgeRock, you can satisfy your customers’ wishes for privacy and consent and ensure your users’ authenticity. It’s critical to build and implement a strategy that will satisfy compliance guidelines today and what may come tomorrow, including fast approaching EU regulations such as The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and Open Banking.

Social identity is just the tip of the iceberg. The opportunities and benefits of digital transformation are massive in comparison, be it enhanced digital marketing or personalized customer experience. Don’t keep customers waiting, evolve your products and services to stay relevant and move ahead of competition. Ready to empower your business with social identity? 

Lani Leuthvilay is Solutions Marketing Manager at ForgeRock.