The Identity Brief: Identity in the Real World


When we think of identity luminaries, we often think of people who have spent their careers building or designing digital identity technologies. But what about the people who take the technology out of the lab and make it work in the real world - where it matters most? These people solve real problems and create tremendous opportunities.

Damon McDougald is one of those people. Damon leads Accenture's global digital identity practice, and over the past 17 years, he has implemented a litany of identity technologies in many of the world's largest companies and governments. Customer-facing, citizen supporting, or workforce enabling, Damon and his team have deployed it all. He has been a first-hand witness to the evolution of our space for nearly two decades.

In this episode of the Identity Brief, Damon explains how and why he acquired a passion for digital identity and how he keeps tackling the same problems, even as technology evolves. He also makes a case for security as an innovator for so many exciting things that technology brings to our lives.

It is always a pleasure speaking with Damon. He brings such a unique point of view to our space. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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