The Identity Brief: Turning Data Into Fraud Prevention, Just Like a Tech Giant


We just launched the Identity Brief: a podcast dedicated to exploring the world of identity. In episode 1, our guest Ori Eisen, CEO of Trusona, detailed how he found his way to fighting fraud using passwordless security. He reminded us that money goes to fund nefarious things when it is lost or stolen in a breach. We all have a responsibility to leverage technology like passwordless authentication to minimize the funding of cyber criminals. The response to our pilot episode was fantastic, and if you didn't get a chance to listen, please check it out here.

Our next guest also got into the identity world to stop hackers and fraudsters. His unconventional path started when these unscrupulous characters tried to ruin his business, which was helping him pay his way through college.

Ari Jacoby is the CEO of our partner, Deduce. The company is fighting fraud by democratizing access to fraud data. Deduce gives organizations access to the type of insights traditionally only available to mega players with massive traffic like Google and Amazon. This technology provides tremendous context to a user session, allowing us to understand not only the user's authentication but also their history, behavior, and device reputation. As you start layering technology like this on top of passwordless authentication, we can begin to offer a significantly more secure and lower-risk user experience.

This episode is a fun conversation with Ari, another great entrepreneur who has taken a novel approach to reducing fraud and securing the internet. I hope you tune in and enjoy it. I know you will learn something.