Login Freedom: The Advantage of Giving Users Choice

How many headaches have you endured due to a forgotten password? Me? Too many to count. At the end of a busy week I just want to kick back and watch a movie online -- problem is I’ve been logged out and can’t remember my password. A one-time password sent to my mobile phone may suffice but will still require me to type using my phone and remote control. If I could choose, I would use Face ID or Touch ID authentication methods which already exist on my mobile device.

This isn’t an isolated case of friction in the customer login journey. According to Accenture*, I’m among the 77% of users who are interested in alternatives to passwords. Whether it’s on a laptop, mobile device, or set-top box, people want a simple and flexible login journey. We all want the freedom to choose what is right for us in any given moment, and that should also apply to logins.

With Intelligent Authentication you can easily improve adoption rates by offering people the freedom to choose how they want to login. In our previous blog, “MFA Was Never Enough,” we explain 5 ways to be “Authenti-great,” one of which is offering your customers user choice.

Check out our video below to see a demo on how you can deliver dynamic and responsive login choices to your users. Click here to learn more.

*Accenture: Digital Consumer Survey