ForgeRock OpenAM is now OpenID Certified

Confirms interoperability between identity systems in order to support a vibrant ecosystem

The OpenID Foundation has introduced a Certification Test to ensure quality and to provide customers with assurance that products and services adhere to the specifications, and that software vendor’s implementations conform to specified profiles of the OpenID Connect standard. We are delighted to announce that ForgeRock OpenAM, one of very few initial platforms, is now OpenID Certified.

OpenID Connect, an identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, is an important industry standard that is used by all the major identity and cloud players such as Google, Microsoft and ForgeRock.

For modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) requirements, the OAuth2 protocol defines a way of performing delegated authorization. The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework provides a standard way for resource owners to grant client applications access to the owners' web-based resources.

OpenAM supports this protocol, and can be used in several different scenarios, such as representing an Authorization Server as well as a Client.

We are strong believers in open source and open standards, both for our own benefit but especially for our customer success. Therefore, we are strong supporters of organizations that promote and protect these open standards, such as the OpenID Foundation.

As Lasse Andresen, CTO of ForgeRock says in the official press release:

ForgeRock is at the center of multiple open standards communities globally as we pride ourselves on our open architecture and user-centric focus. We see OpenID Connect self-certification providing the reliability and consistency that the market demands.

In addition, the Open Identity Exchange launched OIXnet, a global registry for trust frameworks. The OpenID Foundation was the first to leverage OIXnet, registering OpenID certifications of deployment by members (as described above), including Google, Microsoft, Ping Identity, PayPal, Nomura Research Institute, and ForgeRock.

In this related article, Eve Maler, VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology at ForgeRock, says:
"Interoperability between systems is what you need to support a vibrant identity ecosystem. Identity relationship management relies on portable, secure identities and this means different systems need to talk to one another.”

Additional information is available in the official OpenID Foundation press release and Open Identity Exchange press release.