Privacy and Trust Risks of the Digital Economy: Global Survey Results Revealed

“Can we ensure the security of personal data, while still making it possible for people to share information about themselves as they see fit? “

“How can organizations assure customers and citizens that their personal data will remain private and build trust?”

“Do we have privacy and consent tools that are ready to deal with the massive scale of the digital era?  

To answer these questions and learn more about industry attitudes towards data privacy,  we commissioned a third party research firm, TechValidate, to survey the extended ForgeRock community. We reached over 300 IT professionals working across 11 verticals, including healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and finance, in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific-Japan. Nearly half of the respondents were senior or executive management.

The survey uncovered interesting insights into industry attitudes around privacy, regulations, and organizational priorities. In particular, it found that only 9% of IT professionals believe current privacy and consent methods are adequate. Change is needed in the form of new privacy tools. From executive management to customers, the survey found that data privacy is a top-of-mind issue.

To learn more, download the survey report (5 min read, eBook).

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